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Beyond Personality Types: Force of Personality Profile.
The Evolution of Personality Assessment, Learning and Development!
Become a "Personality Strengths Practitioner" to Deliver our Training Programs and Sell our Assessments for Higher Impact and Income.

Elevate your training / coaching by becoming a 
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force of personality and grow core strengths.
A powerful program from "Trainers Global" by HumaNext

A Revolution in Personality Strength and Growth:
No Tyrant Types. No Limiting Labels

Go beyond the limitations of types and the harmful use of labels for personality. 

  • Discover and harness your force of personality.
  • Learn below about this powerful personality discovery and development tool and training.
  • Become a Personality Strengths Practitioner:  The best way to use this tool and training with employees or sell to your clients for profit.
Force of Personality by HUMANEXT

Elevate Your Training / Coaching as a "Personality Strengths Practitioner"

Advantages of Joining "Trainers-Global" as a Personality Strengths Practitioner:

  • You can offer this powerful assessment to your employees or sell to your clients at high margins.
  • You can deliver a complete workshop to help employees or clients discover and develop personality strengths.
  • You gain more competence and credibility as a corporate trainer or independent trainer/coach.
  • You learn and get the complete files for higher level facilitation with our Heart & Mind Learning methodology, enabling you to deliver more engaging training on any topic.
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  • You can also deliver our workshop to your clients at the fees you determine and keep all revenues.
  • You raise your profile by offering the quality products of HumaNext, one of America's most innovative training companies for 20 years delivering training to clients like Dell, Mayo Clinic, Blue Cross, and many others.

The Latest, Most Useful Personality Model:
Beyond Types to Enable Strengths Development 

  • Your personality is not a "type" and is not a "label", but it is the collective patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that come together to make you who you are. And that is what Force of Personality Profile reveals for you.
  • By understanding and optimizing the forces that shape your personality you bring forth your best self to achieve and flourish.

Harness Your Inner Forces

It is not about assessment. It is about meeting yourself and harnessing the four forces of your personality to optimize your strengths and achieve breakthroughs in work and life.

What good is assessment if not followed by growth and achievement via personality strengths training!

Become a Personality Strengths Practitioner:
It's not a choice between purpose and prosperity. It's a choice for both!

  • Trainers don't have to choose between purpose and prosperity. They can choose both. 
  • We are committed to helping trainers, both independent and corporate, achieve their life's purpose and reach what they deserve of success and prosperity.
  • Our "Trainers Global Practitioner Program" by HumaNext enables trainers to do that by giving them tools, training materials, the credibility and recognition, and marketing exposure that make this possible, in an unmatched affordability.
  • One of the programs available is "Personality Strengths Practitioner", which uses the Force of Personality Profile (you get 10 assessments to sell or use), and a complete Training Program on Personality Strengths.

Personality Strengths Practitioners  
Get $3000 Worth of Benefits

  1.     A complete Training Program that is ready for you to deliver with a Leader’s Guide and Slides. Deliver it unlimited times virtually or in-place and charge anything you like and keep the full revenue (Unlike other programs that take a percentage of revenues). ($495 value)
2.     Heart & Mind Learning / Train-the-Trainer (Advanced Facilitation Skills and Tools): Concepts, models, activities, stories, puzzles, and ideas to turn any ordinary training session on any topic into a great learning experience. ($395 value)
3.    Fifteen (15) assessments you can sell at any price you determine and keep the full revenue. (Over $1200 value)
4.     Promoting your practice with your photo in our HumaNext newsletter sent to 7000 professionals around the world, raising your profile in the training / coaching field. ($550)
5.     Discounted Assessments for Resale: You may order assessments as needed at up to 70% off price – depending on volume - so you can sell and make a significant profit. ($700+ value) 
6.     Supportive Community to inspire you and share experiences. 
7.     Support and coaching feedback via email for 6 months to help you in both the content and the business sides. ($300 value)  

From Personality Default to 
Personality Design

Informed by latest research and the discovery of the  neuroplasticity of the human brain, we invite you to adopt the idea of "Personality as a Possibility". Instead of just using your default personality mode, you can choose to deliberately design and  activate a richer range of personality possibilities. 
Your Force of Personality Profile will help you do that.
become a global personality practitioner

Personality as Possibility

The Power to Shape Your Persona

Your personality is a work in progress. It is a creative creation of your unique genius. It is a persona you can shape, express, and expand. Learn how to create your external identity with the power of your inner strength.

Our unique “Force of Personality Profile and Framework” is more than an assessment tool. It’s a complete system of discovery and development that enables you to bring forth your true self, your creativity, and your calling. 
By becoming a Personality Strengths Practitioner you get the complete program, including 10 assessments you can offer to employees or sell to your clients and keep your full revenue. 

Your Force of Personality 
Creates Your Powerful Possibility

What if you were to experience the thrill of meeting your true self! 
To peel off the layers that hide and oppress your essence. 
To uncover, piece by piece, what makes you feel most alive.

Welcome to Force of Personality Profile & Framework

Force of Personality Framework

It enables you to discover your default function then learn to expand each of the four forces of personality to significantly increase your impact and influence.
self awareness is emotional intelligence

Expand Beyond Your Default Personality Preference and Grow Your Strengths

Use Force of Personality for Growth-Focused, Transformation-Oriented Training  and Coaching

Turning passion into action that takes you on the road to your dream is often a scary step that stops many people in their tracks. It requires the courageous force of "Daring", one of the four forces you will discover and unleash with the Force of Personality Profile and Framework:
  • The Profile is an online assessment.
  • The Framework is a Training Workshop in a Word File and Slides you get with our Personality Strengths Practitioner Program to train and coach employees or clients.

Latest Personality Research

Force of Personality Report & Framework is informed by the latest  science-based research and insights.

Discover How to Re-Create and Expand Your Force of Personality with the Power of Personal Projects

Research-Based Models with the Latest Personality Discoveries and Applications

While people are complex and every person is unique, there are common human traits that make personality models useful. Our work has been partially informed by the widely used personality theories of Carl Jung, and their applications such as in the DISC model.

We have also benefited from more recent research such as the discovery of Neuroplasticity, and the work of Dr. Brian R. Little on the importance of personal projects, the "Polarity Thinking - the Creative Tension of Opposites" models, the "Personality Isn't Permanent" approach, and advanced insights from Positive Psychology.
See YourSelf from the Inside Out as You

Create Your Force of Personality

Use it for yourself. 
 Offer it to Employees. Sell it to Clients

The Power to Reset Your Mindset

Breakthrough studies suggest that we may have more control over how our brains function and develop —our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions—than previously assumed. 

It is now believed that the adult brain retains impressive  “neuroplasticity”—the ability to change its structure and function in response to experiences. What is more amazing is that the experiences that can shape the brain can be real or imagined. So, by imagining that you're powerful you induce your brain to rest its mindset to reflect that experience.

This means you may be able to reshape your neural pathways and rewire your brains to make yourself more effective and fulfilled. Shape your brain and you can shape your life. The "Daring" dimension measured by the Force of Personality Profile incorporates the courage to imagine what seems impossible or unrealistic so you can achieve it.

The Four Forces Model of Personality

Powerful concepts are often the simplest. People grasp them quickly because they hit them as obviously true. 

Our simple yet powerful "Force of Personality Profile" enables you to enrich and infuse your personality with passion and power,  purpose and possibility.

By understanding the four "Forces" of your personality. You will be able to expand and enjoy each as you enrich your feeling heart with a critical mind, and your steady hand with  daring guts.

Know and Apply Your True Strengths $79
See yourself from the inside out. Develop your most valuable, most neglected asset - your force of personality!
Become a Global Personality Practitioner to Train / Coach Others $795
Use Force of Personality Profile & Framework to train and coach employees or clients. 

Get the complete assessment and training "Assess & Ascend" program to deliver it to your team, your employees or clients.